Nepalese Female also becoming active in the field of Tattoo Art


Kathmandu: Sumina Shrestha, a young lady of Kathmandu is gradually getting popularity as a tattoo artist. Nowadays, you can find many people who like to carve tattoos from the hand of Miss Sumina. Her demand is not only in Nepal but also in other places of the world. Ms. Shrestha, who is working as a trainer in a tattoo house in Chandmari, India told, ” I have an ability and confidence to draw tattoo on the body of people of any places in the world as per their behavior and culture”.

Among only few female artists working in the field of tattoos, most of them have left the business due to their household problems and marital affairs. But Sumina said that she will not quit her job rather she will attract more women like her in the field so that they can be self-reliant through this art. Sumina was interested only in painting in her early days. She has her own experiences in tattoo art. She said, “Tattoo is more difficult than painting. If you ruin the painting, only the paper will be ruined but one can never ruin the tattoo because it is carved on the body of person.” Ms. Shrestha who is a plus two graduate in fine arts has interests in sketching and drawing pictures from Charcoal and water colures.